Euro Trip – Prologue



A game of chance or designed sequence of events, that’s a question I am yet to answer.

But it was a series of coincidences and random events and things falling into place that formed the beginning of this trip.

Coincidence is a phenomena contested by many. There are those who state the laws of probability and confer about how it is just a science. There are others who believe there is another hand at play which guides, directs and leads you on a certain path for a reason.

The second is a more romantic notion but perplexing. The former more logical but staid.
But what force designed this trip? What got me to join and others to join me? Why them and why now?

Travel for me has always been about self discovery. The dreams, visions and those attempted past life regressions always led to finding a place where there is a sense of belonging. But, to find home I need to learn what home feels like. And that’s what I’m doing.

And while I do that, I’ll try to answer.



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