Euro Trip – Chapter 1


A formation of ruins. A fusion of the old and the new. But with time and deliberation, a paced withering of what was and stronger foundation for what is and will be.

Budapest’s history resonates resilience. In the face of World Wars and ruthless conquests the city has held its ground. And while others tried to shape it and leave an impression, its cathedrals, churches and bridges convey one uniform message, “I will remain.”

That’s a lesson I learnt in Budapest too. Its been long since my self concept was tested and I realized although fluid, certain tenets are strong and core to who I am. And although I believed I was comfortable, a degree of reassurance was required. I got that in a healthy dose. While others wandered on a path different than mine, I’ll confess I was tempted and envious. Tempted to join and envious of their comfort and delight while on that path.

But while sailing on the River Danube tasting 7 different types of wine, surrounded by music and true laughter and happiness I realized, “Yes, this, this is me!” It will always be about the discovery of different shades of soul; in nature curiosities, people, language, tendencies and living. That is where I’ll find myself. That is where I’ll find answers.

I left Budapest knowing I love ghoulash, a city at night, metros that worm through the city, impromptu plans which surprise you in the best way, and that my best choice to pass time would be to walk through a park (with the right shoes!)

But more than anything, I learnt that there is nothing more comforting than knowing you can be your own best friend.

And that’s a realization I’ll cherish the most.


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  1. Roselinde says:

    Great post, I’ve always wanted to visit Budapest!


    1. Sneha Iyer says:

      Thanks Rolelinde! It’s a beautiful city, do visit when you can! And you should try the Danube river cruise.

      Liked by 1 person

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