What do you do when chaos strikes? How does one cope when the rug is pulled from under your feet? Where do you go when you’re pushed into darkness?


When some unforeseen calamity strikes you, catches you unaware and destroys your vessel of comfort and certainty, what do you do?

You look for mechanisms of survival of course. You look around for slates of wood or buoys or anything that can keep you afloat. You examine your environment and figure our what can keep you above water.

Then you collect them.

Work, hobbies, relationships, addictions. All survival mechanisms.

Then you look around again, hoping you see a place of repose. And when unsuccessful, wonder how long you can stay afloat, before you drown.

A year back I was part of a team exercise where we were given a list of materials and asked to imagine ourselves in a shipwreck and prioritize the items in order of utility.

If I apply the same principles to our lives, some of us have been part of shipwrecks, which have left us surviving. We look for tools which will keep us afloat, while some us have found our islands of solace. Some have been rescued.

And some, like me, are still drifting.

Purpose, some say, is our final destination. Once there, our soul finds home. But to get there, the heart needs to recover and mind needs to recuperate from the trauma of the shipwreck.

And in that process of drifting, the survivor gets time to heal. Hoping, that someday, the drifting would end.

And there will be peace.


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