Ride A Magic Carpet

take a ride on a magic carpet
fly away from the little things
chase those whims and thrills
conquer dreams in the realm of kings

It seems like I’ve been through a revolving door between fantasy and reality. But oh how tempting it is! To stay back in that wonderland – where nothing is too discomfiting, where reason is a handy substitute for rationalization and where things finally seem to be going your way, and your heart sighs “Finally!”

A flight of fancy renders you capable of inspecting mundane aspects of reality with a disconnected eye – without the queasy feeling in your gut of knowledge. They no longer look like obstacles but insignificant and powerless hurdles strewn around a larger design.

hold tight and find purchase
the ride down in no delight
the only way from up is down
to fall is the only way to wake

But reality is like a splash of cold water on your face. It eventually does surface, in whispers and murmurs it keeps you away. It is a soft voice in your ear which asks you, “Do you trust me?” Reality is cold, harsh and ruthless. But there is no denying it’s truth.

So, what do you do? Do you take turns stepping in and out? Do you pick a place to firmly ground yourself? Can I be abject and deny my flights of fancy or surrender to the temptation of the abyss?

fly and make your own time,
bridge the chasm between the two
all of nothing is a principle,
afforded by only a few.

The magic carpet is mine – at my disposal when I need to let go and escape into a world I desire. The higher I fly, the more bruises I’ll carry. But I cannot function of the ultimatum of all of nothing. It works for some but not me.

I will not let go of what I have in hopes of less or more. I will not give in to the greed of wanting, needing and demanding more. In this process, am I settling for less than what I deserve? Perhaps.

But being happy doesn’t mean everything is perfect, it simply means you’ve decided to look beyond the imperfections. And when it comes to some things, I’d rather have them in my life the way they are, than not at all.

However, beware the smiling dungeon master. The master who has minions championing his cause. Beware the insidious voice which murmurs doubts and suspicious. Be careful of distrusting and bitter inner voice which doesn’t want to get hurt again.

Just know that our fantasies never tell us demons exist. We already know that. It only tell us that demons can be killed.

And only then do you live happily ever after.



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