You Make No Sense

there was no past
to remember,
and forget,
there is no future,
to long for,
and wait,
there is no present,
to consider,
and let go,
there is nothing
to honestly think about

It’s like a buzzing bee that you cannot ignore. And it gets worse when there are others around you that glance at it too. Then you have multiple heads, waving their heads this way and that, while all you wanted was to ignore. But you cannot. These doubts.

yet when you walk past,
my eyes wonder,
did you hear my desire
in the sigh of breath
that left my lips
and make their way
to yours

They say fear is useful. It makes you do things you otherwise would be too cowardly to do. But when you fear what you most desire, it is daunting. You fear losing the little that you have, in hope of getting more. You fear the sparse moments of joy in temptation of happiness. But honestly, what you fear most is the knowledge that you may never have what you most desire. And that is when fear becomes potent, and you are no longer just afraid but terrified.

you make no sense,
but you are the fire
and I’ve been cold
for far too long.

But emotion never was logical. It never made sense. It doesn’t operate on a linear modality where data is computed, correlated and inferences are drawn. It doesn’t fathom the notion of risks, morals, obstacles or consequences.

It only exists absolutely.

The worst battle is between what you know and what you feel.



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