Taking Chances

“Trust your heart if the seas catch fire, live by love though the stars walk backward.”
E.E. Cummings

This is what I was reading a fortnight before I had to make the decision. For many, a weekend away with cousins is something they’d look forward to, something that would evoke excitement and the anticipation of good times to come. For me, it was a grave moment of deciding whether I wanted to step out of my cave.

I shut the book, opened my laptop and booked a flight. I didn’t think about it after that. I only made myself think of contingency plans in case my apprehensions weren’t baseless. I had 4 new books on my Kindle, a thorough review of the facilities that can be availed at the resort, and the comforting option of sleeping for hours.

I returned yesterday from the trip and still hold a small smile, because I didn’t touch my Kindle. I didn’t sleep until I was truly exhausted from the endless laughter. The only facilities availed was a joint spa session, which albeit expensive, was worth it!

The trip was a delight, because I was introduced to 5 shades of weird. Because, I knew there was a new normal in the cohort that was my family. Because, I finally, moved from knowing my ‘cousins’to the individuals who fit that label. Because, I realized I didn’t have to run away from everyone in the family anymore. Because, finally, I felt like I was part of it too.

The trip was an eye-opener and one of my most memorable weekends. The ring of laughter, puffs of smoke and clinks of glass bottles will always remain in that cozy chamber of my memory bank, revisited to remember.

To remember, taking chances always pays off. It is way better than to die, wondering.

And, for a glimpse of the 3 nights and 4 days of wonder, here is a delightful poem written by my cousin as farewell. Knowing her, she’d grimace reading the erroneous grammar and punctuation. So please ignore that.

A mind full of apprehension
when I departed for the vacation
Heart beating fast and almost breaking my rib cage
Wonder what it was about the trip that initiated this rage

Met up the Ballkeys at the alley, all skimpily dressed
With a pout on the lips  and lipsticks messed
Wonder what it is that makes me one of them
I’m sure it’s not the length of their skirt/ shorts or their hem

As the day progressed into the evening I smiled at what I saw
These were indeed my blood sisters all crude and raw
With alcohol doing it’s bit to soothe my nerves
I noticed that my sisters did have a lot hidden under those wiggly curves

As we got talking and baring out our hearts
With topics of family and friends interrupted by the sound of farts
I realized that I did share with them an invisible family tie
Each one of us is weird and that’s the truth ..i can’t lie

Sadly amidst roars of laughter and tears, as the trip came to a close
I wished I could have more of this dramatic family dose
With a heavy heart we bid each other bye
I really wish we had some more time at the vacay… sigh sigh 



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