When Was The Last Time You Were Happy?

Recall the last time you were happy. Thrilled. Exhilarated.

Having trouble? I am.

I just asked this question today, and I struggled for an answer. This is a major signal that my brain is losing its happy juice.

It wasn’t surprising, considering I’d spend the latter half of my Friday and Saturday feeling… empty. Withdrawing from people, not talking, silence, they are all a balm. But too much of it and I find myself escaping into sleep. And too much sleep has me waking hating waking up.

I was on the brink of that sleep, and I was groping for ways and means to keep myself from that shelter. This is one such way.

The brain is a funny little thing. It has means to make us feel powerful, and the next second throws a curve ball so hard, it knocks our socks off! So when it doesn’t pump enough dopamine and screws with levels of serotonin, it affects our mood, memory and energy levels. So surprise surprise, I’ve been flooded with images of the worst moments I’ve had this month. And I couldn’t find an answer to that question.

When deep amidst the realm of disappointment and regret, it is difficult that to find that light moment of joy. Which is why we need to help ourselves.

A happy jar/box/bottle, a letter from an old friend, a memory box which treasures your best moment, a board which preserves your achievements and successes – are must haves! They help in getting over these blue moments, reminding us of our own achievements and successes and more than that, reminding us that strength and perseverance have got us this far!

So, when was the last time I was happy? Just now.


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