A Letter to Those Who See the World in Black and White


If you have strong opinions about many things, hold definite feelings about what is right or wrong, spend little or no time contemplating why things are the way they are, this is for you.

Firstly, I don’t blame, criticize, mock or ridicule your stance. You believe in certain things, and have a perspective. It is not wrong, or right. That is all I want to point out through this letter. That you perspective, as justified as it may be, is limited.

Typically, when any individual has a determined viewpoint, it stems from their own experiences and observations. That is how all of us form opinions or develop a preference. But often times we forget that our experience has boundaries. It has a perimeter, drawn by our own context, background, social interaction and knowledge. So, often times while we do claim certain things as right or wrong, it is right or wrong for us, within that perimeter. Not necessarily, for everyone.

Law, ethics and morality are all contextual again. They have evolved, and sometimes, refuse to evolve even when society transforms. Ever wondered why marriage which is a social institution requires a legal document to make it legitimate? Why the judiciary system does not get involved in education, but in commerce? How does nudity and religion become political propaganda? Now expand the scope from your  country to the continent and notice the difference. Now expand it to the world, and see the vastness of one system that sometimes gathers maximum focus in your life.

It is the same with human beings, albeit more complex. We all have a story. And when we interact with each other, our stories take shape and form in the way we behave, react and express.

My own request is that you listen, pay attention and think a little before you form an opinion again. It is not always right vs wrong, done vs not done, acceptable vs unacceptable. Sometimes, there is a spectrum of gray in between, which tells you so much about that person. Know first, then decide.

Continue to have a definite viewpoint, but have an educated viewpoint. Then, may be, it won’t be so difficult to change things.


Person Who Resides in The Gray

P.S: I think this video captures my sentiment beautifully.



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