Pull Up Those Barriers

Sometimes, barriers help. It keeps you from veering off the path too much and is a healthy safety precaution. It makes you slow down or pause, take stock of what is happening and where you want to do, get back the control you may have lost or decide the direction you want to take, then head forward safely.

Sometimes, barriers help. In keeping you sane.

Accidents occur all the time. Things seem under control and smooth; your foot is on the clutch and accelerator controlling things in tandem, with your hands on the gear making sure things are moving in the pace and manner that you desire, when something shatters the order.

There will be always be elements which is will ruin the order of our life and disturb the order we strive to achieve. Accidental elements thrown by situations and people around us which will propel us to swerve off the path, collide into things which will jolt us from our comfort and sometimes hurt us. Sometimes, accidents re-open an old wound or just make an old scar throb in memory, especially when the injury is of the same kind.

Which is when barriers come in handy. Barriers aren’t necessary all the time, but when order is threatened and needs to be reinstated, barriers help. They restrict unnecessary movement. So when life throws a curve ball, pause. Pull up those barriers. Wrap your active brain inside yellow and red blocks and tame those irrational thoughts.

Contain the thoughts and emotions and process them. Don’t try and get moving too fast. Give yourself the time to heal; settle. Take deep breaths. Exhale. Express. Understand and accept the emotions swirling through you and let them linger and drain out. There could be anger, rage, hurt, disappointment; all those things which occur when we are taken aback.

The world around  might beep and honk for us to get moving. We don’t have to time to whine or wallow, they’ll say. Let them. We are allowed to take our time.

Barriers have some semblance of comfort. Because they define boundaries, and boundaries don’t overwhelm. Going back to the big arena; that big winding road which leads to unknown places, that sometimes catches the better of us all. They also keep the nuisance out for a while!

Barriers will move, they have to. But they serve a great purpose – restoration. It restores order in a chaotic or confused time, helps you get back on track and move ahead, the right way – in control.

So when you find yourself losing track of things, pull up those barriers and take stock! The world will wait.



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