Iyer-ish Footprints

While I told you about my fulfilling visit to Ireland, it isn’t fair if I don’t share some highlights of the trip that would make the blog worth your while. So here are the places, things and activities I’d recommend you do in Ireland.

Where to go?

  1. Dublin City Center: You just cannot avoid this place. Amidst the best brands and having the River Liffey cut the street in half, this is the place to walk around. Walk through O’Connell street, Grafton Street and head to St. Stephen’s Green late in the evening.
  2. Temple Bar: Again, one of those places every website will recommend you go to in Dublin. The whole street is called Temple Bar, and so it the Bar! You’ll hear the Irish tunes when you approach the corner, just follow it and have fun. Grab a pint while you do!
  3. Howth: This is a village and a suburb, north of Dublin. This place is charming and has some boasts of some charming waters and a lighthouse. I didn’t personally go here, would have if I had time (or energy)
  4. Dalkey: This was those random plans which just ends up as a design of fate. Dalkey again was a windy evening treasure. To the south of Dublin, Dalkey falls en route to the Killiney Hill Park. Albeit a long walk, you come across the Dalkey Castle, which you get to gaze through the winding roads.
  5. Malahide Castle: A beautiful campus, which took me back to Mr. Darcy’s humble abode in Pride & Prejudice, Malahide is a place to spend a lovely afternoon. Sit back and enjoy their little cafe with a warm meal, while peacocks stroll around in the sun by your side.
  6. Dun Laoghaire: Again, something that was stumbled upon. It is a sea-side down so many boats which will sail by you, with families making the best of the low tide. It has a quaint People’s Park, which surrounds you with flowers and a pretty fountain. I just sat here for a while, doing nothing, with the wind dancing on my face. Well, that’ why I went to Ireland.
  7. Wicklow: The Upper Lake, the Lower Lake, the Wicklow mountains. Just go. Drive from Dublin, and then hike it up. There is a broad bridge and also a trail set for those who like some adventure. I experienced my first hail here! You’ll also get to walk by many sheep, but don’t pet them. You might just end up shot at.
  8. Bray: Didn’t see much of this place, but what I saw I loved. Walk around here. Just walk.
  9. Village of Kinvara: This is towards the West of Ireland. But this village steals your breath! Walk alongside the harbor and you’ll spot many hookers. No, no, Galway hookers, they are traditional boats!
  10. Cliffs of Moher: For me, this was it. The ultimate spot. However, do check out Bunratty Castle which isn’t too far.

I’ve not mentioned Galway, Belfast, Giant’s Causeway and many other locations you’ll always read about when researching on this country. This was my list, mostly helped out by locals and searches on my own.

I’d recommend to personalize your visit, depending on who you are going with, and why. It’s always special to find something unique about a new destination for yourself. Feels like you also leave a part of yourself there.


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